Friday, June 10, 2011

I am not a kelantanese ok!!

this incident happen yesterday during arab's class.., while waiting for the lecturer to come.., the guys starting changing their name to the others.., i mean knowing each other.., there's one guy.., he introducing his name as Nik to me.., as he just giving his nickname so am i.., i just tell him that he can call me as wan..,

but then he asked me one question.., are you kelantanese.., oh crap.., do i look like kelantanese.., from my face people can guess that i came from south of peninsular malaysia.., then i said to him.., oh no no.., you can call me wan as the other call me wan but the wan was the last thing in my name from syazwan.., so im not a kelantanese.., im a johorian ok..,

then with proud.., he said a thing to me.., oh me too.., my name could be nik but i not from kelantan too.., actually i already did know that he wasn't from kelantan through the way he talks..,

man.., this dude lack of observation skills.., i think.., maybe he never want to know how to describing people from the look  as it just a small matter only..,

but for me.., there is nothing small or big matter but the problem could be small and big..,

sorry dude.., but i didn't show your picture.., but am i guilty writing this?? nevermind.., just want everyone whom reading this that im not a kelantan..,

for the first time writing blog in english.., for all the readers that reading this.., please told me if im doing so many mistakes in writing..,

thanks a lot for spending your valuable time reading this..,