Thursday, August 25, 2011

balik raye: beraya ke tak bang oii???

nampaknye hari ni merupakana hari terakhir aku kat asasi uia ni.., forget to mention.., last day of ramadhan as i have another month after raya..,

so.., sat agi ade kelas math yang asalnye pukul 2-4 tetapi dicepatkan ke 1-3.., wow.., 40 minutes more before class start and im blogging..., its ok right..,

this is my second time celebrating raya as foundation student.., hope there will be no third.., but the first one kind of not enjoyed it.., why???? because after the holiday there was exam.., there were no gap between the holiday and the exam.., but Alhamdulillah.., my result just fine that time..,

now i think its better.., ye lah.., lepas cuti raye nanti ade kelas dalam 3 minggu lagi kot rasenye.., then baru start exam.., 

but there is one thing will spoil on my holiday.., assignment dude.., an arabic dictionary made by power point.., total of 170 word with a sentences for each word.., i hope i could finish it before raya..,

today after math class i will say buh-bye to cfs.., hehe.., (like i wouldn't say hi to it anymore).., haha

but im not quite sure when i will back to johor.., either tomorrow or a day after that.., its up to my big brother.., as im going home with he and his family.., 

btw, at this chance,, i want said "selamat hari raya" to all my readers..,